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Monday, January 25, 2016

We Have Reached 100 Pennies!

 The students reached their goal of 100 pennies! For marble day we began with a task called "Save Sam" where Sam (the gummy worm) seems to have misplaced his life vest (the gummy life saver) under the boat (the cup). It was the students job to get the life vest back on to Sam without stabbing him or touching him with their hands. They were given two paper clips and had to find strategies to safely put the vest on him! Some students used the paper clips as hooks while others used them as tweezers. Most of the students found it was easiest to stretch the life vest to get it around Sam. Everyone worked with their shoulder partners to successfully save Sammy!
The second activity was helping Harry find a spot to "hang" so he can watch over students to make sure they are doing their work! Each group was given a fuzzy ball with eyes (Harry) a muffin liner (his chair) tape, notecards, and pipe cleaners. The students had to build a place for Harry using the materials provided. They were timed, and by the end of this time they had to create a stable perch for Harry to sit on. They were given five minutes to plan and ten minutes to build. At the end we looked at the different creations to see different strategies and ideas that were used! So much creativity in the classroom today!!

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