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Monday, May 22, 2017

Community Sailing Center

Thank you so much for supporting me in taking your children to the Community Sailing Center!  We had one of our most memorable experiences together!  My lessons on erosion and weathering and landslides paid off as we noticed the erosion along the lake, the causes of the erosion and the human structures that have been put in place to slow down the erosion!  We saw the engineering that has gone into planning the Burlington Bike Path and Waterfront Park so that water can be spread out, soaked up and slowed down.  These structures keep our lake healthy, make the area beautiful and most importantly slow down erosion along the lake front!  Each of us spent about 30 minutes on a sailboat and had a mini tour of the lake!  We learned important sailing vocabulary like puff and tacking.  We showed our gratitude to Morgan, Dana and Mark by writing thank you notes this afternoon.  We also showed our chaperones gratitude for joining us!  Thank you notes coming home to you! Thank you Sarah, Lisa, Christi, Katie, Heather and Laura! Lastly we wrote memory pages about our trip!  Our illustrations were beautiful and our writing so neat and thoughtful!

Omaha Zoo Virtual FieldTrip

On Friday morning we spent 40 minutes in an indoor rainforest with our zoo friends from the Omaha Zoo in Nebraska!  Some of us have just finished reading One Day in the Rainforest by Jean Craighead George and used this opportunity to clarify our thinking or to find answers to our wonderings.  We learned what the word amphibian means.  We learned the layers of the rainforest.  We learned about the difference between monkeys and gorillas.  We saw birds, monkeys and frogs!  Ask your child about it!

Friday Finale!

We celebrated 500 pennies worth of positivity!  Stuffed animals, twins and collections!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Pancake breakfast

Come to the pancake breakfast on Sunday the 21st. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Fantastic Science Friday!

Dear Families,
 Today was a zig zag day!  We explored volcanoes and mountains!  We used maps and coordinates to discover the Ring of Fire!  We noticed that volcanoes are found in bunches.  They are also mostly along the coast lines of all 7 continents.  Secondly, we did an experiment with sugar cubes.  We were showing how weathering changes the shapes of the rocks that are found at the top of mountains.  We also explored division strategies and learned how to begin using ratio tables and the area model to efficiently solve division problems!  Lastly, we explored many different types of rocks, books about rocks and fossils.  It was a 100 Penny Day!
Happy Mother's Day all!
From, Teryn and Photographer Gigi

Thursday, May 11, 2017

KIndergarten Weather play!

We were a guest chorus in our book buddies weather play!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

VEEP Electricity Workshop

Aaron, from VEEP, joined us yesterday to get us excited about electricity!  Together we visited 6 stations thinking about theses anchoring questions: How is electricity generated?  How can we use energy efficiently?  Ask your child about what they learned?

The Vermont Bucks pay a visit to SCS!

The Vermont Bucks (arena Football team) visited us before vacation.  Coach Wayne and the players let us ask them so many questions!  We were so interested in their answers!  We learned that many of these players have played football their whole lives, they've been to college, they have other jobs, they love a variety of musics, they eat healthy and exercise!  Most importantly, they shared with us that we should always be working towards our dreams, one day at a time!

Thank you Ryder Family for the baby frogs!

Before vacation we went from frog eggs to busy little tadpoles.  The tadpoles traveled back to Sarah's house over vacation and return today!  I wonder how they have changed!  We will have to get our notebooks out and make some careful observations!

Slow It Down, Spread It Out and Soak It Up!

Today Krista from the Lewis Creek Association and the Ahead of the Storm non-profit environmental groups joined us to teach us about the water cycle and its impact on Lake Champlain!  We learned about the pollutants and water that gather around our school property!  We are excited about our continued work with the Lewis Creek in the fall of 2017!  We will be building a rain garden in the front parking circle!  More news to come on that this fall!