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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Susan, Chloe's Mom, our Guest Scientist!

Susan joined us today to remind us of our important work from the fall involving the McCab's Brook and its health and how we as a community affect the health of this stream and I turn the LaPlatte River and Lake Champlain!  She had us focus on our community and to think about impervious and pervious places around our water sources!  We then brainstormed ideas for SCS and how we can design Best Management Practices to help our run off/storm water reach pervious places safely and efficiently!  We came up with improved gutter systems, rain gardens, roof gardens, tree planting and more!  
We then had time to explore ideas by creating models of our BMPs that are GSI (Green Storm Water Infastructures). We want our BMPs to slow down, spread out and soak up storm water/run off and protect our watershed from pollutants!  Wow!  I wonder which 5 th Grade Scientist will continue this work throughout his or her life!  Thank you Susan for giving us this opportunity to be stewards of our watershed and engineers that have the opportunity to make change in their community!

Fantastic Friday on April 15th

Rick Bessette, Shelburne Poet, shares his journey with us!  He was Ana amazing story teller and so motivating!  We shared our poems with him, too!  
We continued with our Fantastic Friday with lunch outside and math time with our reading buddies!  We focused on shapes, numbers, volume and adding!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Vacation Reading Challenge!

Looking for a way to stay awesome over April Vacation!  Here are two ways!

Set a Reading Challenge!  Email me with your goal.  Keep a log to prove that you have reached your goal.

Goals could be: I will read at least 300 pages over vacation.  I will read for at least 210 minutes over vacation (30 minutes a day).  I will read a nonfiction book, fiction book and the newspaper

Create a project (slide show, picture book, skit, etc.) of your choice that teaches us about Jamestown or Plymouth Colony!  Use the Library Links on the webpage (logins and passwords are in your google drive) and resources from the Pierson Library to learn about Jamestown and Plymouth Colony.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Please click on this link! Great advice for parents and great links for fun math activities to do as a family!

Advice for Parents from Jo Boaler-Stanford Math Professor

Chorus Concert May 12th at 7PM!

Friday SBAC Finale

Thanks for preparing your children with healthy snacks, rest and motivation for their SBAC testing.  I have been so impressed by the perseverance each and every one of my students is showing!  They have kept such a positive attitude and have even shared the interesting facts and lessons they have learned from the tests!  Your donations of snacks has been valuable in easing anxiety and giving them full brain power to work!  Thank you!

On Friday we will be spending a majority of the day outside, enjoying one another's company and celebrating the end of testing.  We will visit tour Book Buddies at their Forest Fridays Outdoor Classroom, going on a long walk, and eating our snacks and lunch outside.  We will also hear from Rick Bessette, a Shelburne poet!  We will stay close to school so band students can attend their lessons and we can go to PE and Music.  Hopefully, your children have mentioned, that we also are singing a song with our Book Buddies in their Weather play on Thursday at 2PM!  I'll try to post a small video!