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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Friday SBAC Finale

Thanks for preparing your children with healthy snacks, rest and motivation for their SBAC testing.  I have been so impressed by the perseverance each and every one of my students is showing!  They have kept such a positive attitude and have even shared the interesting facts and lessons they have learned from the tests!  Your donations of snacks has been valuable in easing anxiety and giving them full brain power to work!  Thank you!

On Friday we will be spending a majority of the day outside, enjoying one another's company and celebrating the end of testing.  We will visit tour Book Buddies at their Forest Fridays Outdoor Classroom, going on a long walk, and eating our snacks and lunch outside.  We will also hear from Rick Bessette, a Shelburne poet!  We will stay close to school so band students can attend their lessons and we can go to PE and Music.  Hopefully, your children have mentioned, that we also are singing a song with our Book Buddies in their Weather play on Thursday at 2PM!  I'll try to post a small video!


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