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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Flynn Clinic Number 2

Today we had another Flynn Clinic with Susannah!  We worked together to improvise a skit on how Vermont became a state!  We first warmed up with some exercises.  We passed around an imaginary artifact that a settler may have brought with them on their journey to Vermont from other colonies. We tried to show how heavy the frying pan may have been or how carefully we had to handle the musket.  We then packed our imaginary packs and journeyed around the classroom showing how heavy it may have been, how hot and sweaty we may have gotten, where we would have stopped for a cool drink and finally how we would have set up or nightly camp, fire and all.  Based on where we landed in our journey we split into small groups.  Within those groups we formed a family or a group of friends or workers.  These groups bought land from "Sam Speculator" for 20 Pounds!  At this time Vermont was known as the New Hampshire Grants.  We created our homesteads by building houses, planting crops and hunting and collecting food.  Time passed and soon the King sent a note to the New Hampshire Grants that their land was owned by New York and the must pay 5 Pounds to continue living on the land.  This started the battle between New York and New Hampshire over the land we now call Vermont.  Lastly, we the settlers found themselves where at the Tavern debating whether they should fight for their land or simply pay NY the 5 Pounds.   Ethan Allen brought the settlers together for this debate.  He was willing to fight for Vermont to be a state/colony, separate from New Hampshire and New York.

Written by Hayley and Bevan      

Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine's Day

On Friday February 13th from 930-1030 we will be having a Valentine's Day Celebration.  During this time we will open and read our valentines.  If your child decides to make valentines, please make sure they make one for every classmate.  They have brought home a class list to help with this!  If you would like to send in a healthy Valentine's Day snack like, cherry tomatoes and red peppers with hummus or strawberries and red grapes or cranberry juice and seltzer, let me know with a quick email.  I will also need 21 cups, plates and napkins:)  I know we will get little sweet treats with our valentines, so I am not asking for any cookies or cupcakes.  Let me know if you can provide any of the above for us!  

Bringing History to Life!

Today Susannah from the Flynn came to the classroom.  We learned about an important event in Vermont History.  We learned to take on many perspectives to understand this event!  As a class we acted out the moment when Samuel De Champlain, with the Abenaki, went into a battle with the Iroquois.  Here is some information about that encounter.  It was 1609.  The Abenaki befriended Champlain.  They made an alliance and decided to attack the Iroquois.  The Iroquois and Abenaki were enemies.  The battled by wearing armor and shooting arrows and using spears.   All night the two teams stayed separated, Team Champlain in their boats in the lake and he Iroquois were on land building their fortress.  All night they exchanged yells and screams as they prepared to fight.  In the morning they met on land.  Champlain led the Abenaki and the fierce Iroquois came at them.  Champlain used his musket to shoot the chiefs of the Iroquois tribe.  The Iroquois were surprised to see those shiny weapons that they had never seen before.  They were afraid.  The Abenaki felt were brave and strong.  They had not seen the guns before either!  Samuel De Champlain felt proud but this event would lead to Native Americans becoming fearful of the white man.  
Written by Jack, Abbie and Harrison        

Scholastic Book Fair at SCS

Dear Families,
The Scholastic Book Fair will be at SCS from February 9-13!  Our class will be previewing (window shopping) the selection of books on Monday at 1130am and creating our individual wish lists with prices.  On Tuesday we will go back to the book fair at 2pm to make any desired purchases.  We will not go back to the book fair as a class after Tuesday.  The book fair will be open until 830 pm on Tuesday and Thursday for any shopping you wish to do as a family.  Thanks!

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Reading Historical Roots and taking notes about the Abenaki