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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Happy Holidays!

The Endeavor team had a magical day today!  The book swap was the best part!  Every child made such thoughtful choices for one another and wrote such heartfelt messages!  The cookie swap was amazing!  Thank you all for your creativity.  We enjoyed a few cookies, but brought home the rest to share with family!  We watched Epic and created stress relief tools to bring home!  We wish you all the merriest and healthiest of times and can't wait to begin 2017 together!  Love, Vasanthi 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Monday, December 19, 2016

Magic Monday

We start out Monday's with a lesson with Katie our Guidance Counselor!  Today we looked at characters in books and made a list of everything we knew or thought we knew about them!  This led to an important discussion about assumptions!  
We also shared our 4-Door projects!  Ask your child what they learned about!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Terrific Thursday!

Today we were so excited to have Katie share about her trips. She is an amazing person and she taught us so much about how to pack. She said that packing light is better and she also taught us about a lot  of new countries. Katie was an incredible guest and we hope to have her again.

We were so lucky to have the chance to go and see a wonderful play put on by the Infinity Team.  The play was all about the success and the struggles involved with immigrating and becoming a part of the Melting Pot we call home!  The Infinity team uses primary resources, music and song to teach us about their families and how they got to the USA!

Road Trip Preview

On Friday we were so lucky to host Kevin and Jenney and Kelly!  Together the three of them shared how they thoughtfully planned their USA cross country trips!  We loved seeing and hearing about all the places that they visited!  We learned about the transportation and lodging they used!  We also heard about what they had to pack!  We also had to hear funny stories about unexpected things that happened!  Most importantly we heard about how they planned their trips.  What was their focus?  How did they decide where they would visit and stay?  How would they pay for things?  Where would they get gas?  Tomorrow we will hear from Catie who will tell us how she plans for trips and what things she does before the adventure!  The hope is that our students will hear these real life experiences and use this information to plain their trips.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Today we did a puzzle. We cut out 12 shapes with a area of 5 and tried to fit them in a grid with a area of 60. Everyone did great.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Day 2!

This week is the hour of code week. This is us getting a little head start!

Today in math we focused on ratio tables. We also did some mental math.
We are still focused on the northeast region in geography. Today we learned about land.

Beginning of the week!

This is us sharing our free seven minute write. It was a good seven minute and there were a lot of amazing writing peaces. Nice job class!
We are continuing with our geography unit. This is us studying the northeast region.
This is us doing math. We are working on problem strings. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Fun

This grid of pictures is of math. We choose a partner and a game then we played them. This is one of our class's favorite things to do in math. There are many math games that we have learned this year such as what is missing bingo, dragon's gold, cover up, products four in a row, and more.

The pictures you see here are of three different things. The picture on the left is a spelling bee word sheet. 6 people in our class decided to participate in the spelling bee. There names are Sebastian, Annie, Gabriel, Gianna, Elizabeth, Kaleb. Wish them good luck! The picture on the top right is a picture of our class's crazy socks. Today was crazy sock day because we earned 75,000 clicks. Way to stay positive SCS! The other picture on the right is a picture of our goal sheet this week. They haven't changed much except for the habit of mind which is metacognition and this week's events SCS holiday craft fair, and the SCS 4th and 5th grade chorus concert on 12/6 at 7 pm. So if you are available on the 6th, then you should definitely stop by.

We have just started a very exciting unit, US geography! We are working on two projects, one at home and one at school. The one at home is a project on a landmark. And the one at school is a project on a region. I'm very excited about this unit and I hope it goes well! By Teryn 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Power up by 10!

Today we had math. We worked on multiplying by 10s,100s 1,000s. Everybody did awesome and we were so focused. Nice job class way to go! By Teryn

Vermont books!

We did an on demand writing piece yesterday about Vermont. Today we all shared are wonderful work. I was amazed on how colorful and unique each book was. How it worked was we all sat in a circle with our books in front of us. Then we stood up and rotated around the circle when Vasanthi said stop the book that was infront of use we read. This share was very fun and exciting, hope we can do it again!


Crazy Sock Day

Paws, Print, Dog, Green Our School Earned 75,000 PAWsitive Clicks!!!! Paws, Print, Dog, Green

Let's be crazy today #socks ...

Paws, Print, Dog, GreenTo celebrate we will have a CRAZY SOCK DAY on Friday! Paws, Print, Dog, Green