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Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Fun

This grid of pictures is of math. We choose a partner and a game then we played them. This is one of our class's favorite things to do in math. There are many math games that we have learned this year such as what is missing bingo, dragon's gold, cover up, products four in a row, and more.

The pictures you see here are of three different things. The picture on the left is a spelling bee word sheet. 6 people in our class decided to participate in the spelling bee. There names are Sebastian, Annie, Gabriel, Gianna, Elizabeth, Kaleb. Wish them good luck! The picture on the top right is a picture of our class's crazy socks. Today was crazy sock day because we earned 75,000 clicks. Way to stay positive SCS! The other picture on the right is a picture of our goal sheet this week. They haven't changed much except for the habit of mind which is metacognition and this week's events SCS holiday craft fair, and the SCS 4th and 5th grade chorus concert on 12/6 at 7 pm. So if you are available on the 6th, then you should definitely stop by.

We have just started a very exciting unit, US geography! We are working on two projects, one at home and one at school. The one at home is a project on a landmark. And the one at school is a project on a region. I'm very excited about this unit and I hope it goes well! By Teryn 

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