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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Great Chocolate Milk Debate

Flavored Milk: Tasty Nutrition

2. Sugar Overload

3. The Many Benefits of Chocolate Milk 

4. Schools May Ban Milk Over Added Sugar

5. Flavored Milk Advertorial

Monday, May 19, 2014

How can you light a light bulb with a battery and a piece of foil?

Scientists spent time conducting multiple trials and adjusting variables to find a way to light a light bulb using aluminum foil and a D volt battery.  This activity reinforced many of our vocabulary words, such as current, electron, circuit, and conductor.  Scientists recorded their experiment in sections labeled hypothesis, materials, procedures, observations and conclusions.  Our science notebooks are looking very professional.  We are keeping things organized and updating our table of contents as we gather new information.  Our team had a guest this afternoon who taught us even more about electricity.  River's Father, Will, an electrical engineer, presented information about electricity and how it is generated and how it reaches our homes and powers the things we use daily in our lives!  Will also stressed the importance of learning Math, reading and writing skills to prepare you for an education and job in the engineering field as in the other sciences!  Thank you so much Will!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Game Time Reward for our Reading!

Movement May Zumba with our Book Buddies!

Humans have entered the land of giants! On Friday, May 16, our Treehouse friends joined us doing Zumba with Ms. Niles and Vasanthi! Zumba was a good way to get active and socialize with our friends in our class and in Joplin's class of  Kindergarteners. We started with a warm-up to get our blood pumping! We danced to a special warm up song. Then we moved to two other songs YAY! In the end we got moving and had a great time.

Static electricity?

Monday, May 5, 2014

Stuart Little with Joan from the Flynn

Hello Families!
Our acting education has grown even more by the Flynn employee Joan, after reading the book Stuart Little. From fixing up a canoe to fishing a wedding ring out of the drain we have learned how to show emotion and the character traits. We were taught how to be a director, an actor,
and a designer, all in one! Joan had taught us to show how a main character shows what they are feeling on the inside and bringing the emotion to the outside so it is more noticeable! We also learned how to act as more minor characters and most importantly had a ton of fun! Now we knew the secrets to the show when we went to the play on Wednesday!
Lena A and Vasanthi's class

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Week back to school!

Dear Families,
Thank you for sending your children back to school so rested and ready for learning.  We had a great discussion (and have continued to have them) about "Finishing Strong".  With only 32 days of school left we need to stay focused on our work habits and continue to be engaged in our learning at school and with homework.  Also our Habit of Mind this week is about working interdependently and being open to learning from one another!  We want to continue to kind, safe and respectful with one another.   
Last Monday we had a workshop with Heather Bryce from the Flynn Theater.  She came to prepare us for our trip to see Pilobolus.  With Heather's  guidance we moved our bodies independently and interdependently.  We moved in small, medium and large spaces!  We made our bodies short and tall!  We created movement with sound and choreographed our own movements/dances!  Ask your child about the show!  This week we will see Stuart Little.  We are reading the book and enjoying the fantasy, friendship and adventure in the story.  We are so curious as how the story will be shared on stage.  Curious which  version we will enjoy more?
During Math class we have been focused on finding equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions using the greatest common factor between the numerator and denominator and also reviewing double digit multiplication and division with 2 digit and 3 digit dividends!  I pushed us to finish this month strong by getting our 5 lessons of Fastt Math, Fraction Nation or even Fraction Cafe activities!  The math we are doing requires us to be fluent in our facts in all operations (+,-,*,\). Be thinking about a way for your child to stay fluent over the summer; flash cards, mini tests, math games, etc.  
Friday afternoon we participated in Arbor Day Celebrations with our book buddies!  We helped to plant a tree near the track around back of the school.  We sent wishes to the tree and taught our book buddies the important roles trees play in our ecosystems!
Here we are listening to poetry at the tree planting!

Here are pictures from the Stone Soup Performance!