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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Science, and Map Study

In map study today some of us moved onto landmarks.  Some are still working hard and persisting with memorizing all regions.  
Today in science we did a science experiment. We took a toothpick, spoon, and tweezers as bird beaks and answered this question: Which beak will pick up the most different kinds of "food" AKA sponge peices, glass balls, paper and pipe cleaners? Then we recorded our data in our packets.  
Written by Haley, Bevan, Logan and Emma

Friday, April 10, 2015

Set Sail Around The world And Share

We set our boats to sail. We used the same boat every time (constant) and changed the wind force and wind direction (variable).  Today we had sbac we persisted and kept on going.
Today we shared our writing and some of us shared our geographical 4 door books.  When we shared our writing we split up into 4 groups.  5 of us went to Mrs. Crowther's room, 5 to Bob's room, another 5 to Mrs. Tetreault's room and 5 stayed here.  We did that to get mixed up and meet others in our grade.

Can you help Team Space Defined?

Five 4th graders from Shelburne Community School (Anders Erickson, Colin Halliburton, Chloe Galvin, Emma Bosma, and Sam Williams) recently came in first place in a Destination Imagination State-wide competition, making them eligible to travel to Tennessee for the Global Finals competition.  This is an amazing opportunity for these students to represent Vermont in the technical challenge in front of 16,000 attendees from over 40 states and 12 countries.
For seven months the kids met weekly to work on their Destination Imagination project.  As a team they chose one of seven challenges that involved a "problem" to solve.  Team Space Defined (as they named themselves) chose the technical challenge Creature Feature.  These 10-year-olds built a creature that uses mechanical parts to perform certain actions.  They also developed a skit that incorporated the creature as a character.  The kids did all the planning, design, and work on their own - parents, coaches, teachers and family cannot suggest ideas or push teams in any direction.  From start to finish, the kids were responsible for the vision, creation and solution.
With the independent spirit of Destination Imagination in mind, the children have brainstormed and helped plan multiple fundraisers.   Here are some of our fundraising events coming up: 
·      Wednesday, April 29th:  Eat at Uno’s, mention Team Space Defined and we receive a portion of the proceeds from the event. 
·      Saturday, May 2nd:  Large Garage Sale in the Davis Park neighborhood.
·      Sunday, May 3rd:  Join us at the Williston Rest Area on Interstate 89 North and South Bound for a bake sale from 8 am until 3 pm.
·      Friday, May 8th:  Parent Night Out!  Team Space Defined (along with their parents, and other responsible adults) will be offering a night of fun at Shelburne Health and Fitness for kids so parents can have a night out on their own!  Pizza, games and a movie.  Details coming soon.  
·      Date TBD:  Car Wash at Shelburne Fire Department.
However they have a very short turn around time (6 weeks) and need to raise a large amount of money quickly as sending 5 children, two coaches and one parent volunteer to Tennessee for 7 days is estimated to run around $10,000.  Therefore we are also hoping our friends, family and community will come together to support this team by way of donations on our website.   Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated to make this once in a lifetime trip a reality. 
Please feel free to visit our website for more information. www.   Thank you! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Three Parts of Our Day: Science, math ,and Geography

This is geography and math.  We did angles on iPads in math today.  In geography we used iPads and our map packets to study certain regions.
In science we read parts of the book I Face The Wind, and did experiments that were in the book.  One was trying to weigh air. We filled up balloons or plastic bags and taped them to a hanger that was being held by a pencil. We figured out that airs weighs a little bit, but not much. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Map Practice, Science and Writing

Today we moved onto the Southeast in our USA map studies!  We are busy publishing our informational books about famous Vermonters!

We have been exploring air and the way it moves and how it's movement affects objects like a ping pong ball!  What do you know about air?

Friday, April 3, 2015

Four Door Share

Endeavor April Share Theme
United States Geography

We are studying United States Geography!  We are traveling into this unit and our first adventure is to do a mini research Four Door Book about a place in the USA! 

You will research your chosen state at home.  We hope you read books or information on the internet your state!  Please use these resources to find your information:
  • Library Links-CultureGrams-username/password:Shelburne/cats
  • Library Links-InfoBits

You will create a Four Door Book about your state.  The center of the Four Door Book should have a map of your state, traced or drawn and labeled with at least 4 important places, features or boundaries.  Each door should have at least 3 facts about the state in terms of its climate, cities/landmarks/geographical features, government, and fun facts. 
Think about Vasanthi’s example about Delaware!  Do your best!     
If you need help finding information about your state let us know!  Have fun creating and learning!  Manage your time wisely!  Failing to plan is planning to fail!
Bring your share to school on your day!
Share Date
Wednesday, April 8

Kate, Dylan, Emma
Talulla, Max, Maddie
Thursday, April 9
Tess, Kylee, Robbie
Saad, Betsy, Anders
Friday, April 10
Chloe, Abbie, Logan
Burgess, Colin, Luke
Monday, April 13
Jack, Eliza, Ben
Anna, Emma, Sasha
Tuesday, April 14
Jameela, Lily, Nora
Jake, Riley, Miranda
Wednesday, April 15
Bevan, Chris, Harrison
Logan, Caroline, Carly
Thursday, April 16
Ian, Trey, Haley
Sam and Lily