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Thursday, March 23, 2017

VT! We have been studying Vermont's history and so this month our project was making Vermont maps. On these wonderful maps we included rivers, lakes, towns, and mountain ranges. In this picture you may see green sheets, these are our scoring sheets. We use a basic check list and  positive and critical comments to help us learn. I thought that all the maps were creative and unique. I hope our class is proud of all there work because they did great! Written by Teryn

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Making Falafel

Today we got a special treat! We got to help Becky make the falafel taste test. We had different jobs! One job was cutting the uncooked falafel paddy into fourths. The second station was separating the cup cake cups from the little stacks. The third station was placing the small fragile falafel bits into the carefully separated cake cups. The last job was placing the yummy falafel onto the tray to be cooked. To do these jobs our class split into groups of four. After all the trays were stuffed full of falafel we ended up making 12 trays enough four all four lunches to try a yummy bit of falafel. We had a great morning and a successful one too!    

Friday, March 10, 2017

Vermont History Comes Alive in Vasanthi's Class

Here we are reading about Vermont's topograpahy!  These packets came home to aide us on our Map Projects!

This afternoon our classroom turned into a one room school house!  Ask your child about it!

Here we are reading using the FAB 4 to read informational text on Vermont's history!  We made predictions, recording our wonderments, asked clarifying questions about events or words and lastly we summarized what we read!  We worked with partners to deepen our understanding and to find answers to some of our wonderings!  

We still have 5 bowls left!  Can we raise 15 more dollars for HFV??

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Vermont Map Project coming home today!

Here are some samples of past Vermont Map Projects!  Your child is bringing home a packet with clear directions, resources for important information about Vermont's topography, a detailed work plan and calendar, materials list and abundance of creativity!  All maps will be due on 3/21!  Please let me know if your child needs any support!