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Thursday, January 21, 2016

"What is the heart of your story?"

This afternoon Libby lead our writers workshop lesson!  Our personal narrative unit is almost 1/2 way done!  Today we worked together to discuss mentor texts and how they measured up against our Narrative checklist! We are focused on strengthening our narratives by adding figurative language and details, building our characters and writing so their personality shines through and we striving to use dialogue and inner dialogue to show the emotions our characters are feeling!  We are redraftining, revising and editing so that our stories have "heart"!  We want our readers to know the morals and lessons we have learned from our experiences. Our writing is in ourGoigle Drive, so ask your child to share it with you!  Libby also began her version of Thumbs Ups, ask your child about Libby Love Notes!  

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