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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Busy Tuesday

We had a very busy day today in Vasanthi's classroom! We began the day with morning meeting where we worked with adjectives, difficult math problems, and we created a story together. We had some great project shares today! Tess showed us the beautiful hidden city of Petra, Robbie showed us the Spanish Steps, Abbie showed us Giants Causeway in Ireland, and Dylan showed us the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. It was great to see so many different historical and ancient sites. They all worked very hard and had wonderful presentations. 
In math today we did a problem string with a variety of problems asking students to use their best mathematical thinking while subtracting and adding numbers containing decimals. Students used multiple pathways to solve difficult answers. Some students used ratio tables while others used number lines and standard algorithm. Everyone was able to show their thinking in their own unique ways! We also played a game where students had to use what they knew about creating fractions to multiply that fraction by either 2,3, or 4. 

We ended the day writing and working on our personal narratives. Overall a great day with lots of learning that we will be building off of the rest of the week!


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