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Monday, October 24, 2016

Book Buzzes and Reading Buddies

For the past two weeks we have been hearing about some incredible book titles!  Every share has been different and exciting!  We've heard about Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Graphic Novels and more.  We've noticed that a lot of us have put in tremendous efforts!  We've seen colorful, detailed, organized posters.  Some Book Buzzers even dressed up!  I know I am excited to read Understood Betsy, Thank You Tia!  

We continue to have a fabulous time with our book buddies, every Thursday at 1PM.  We are getting to know them better and every week they are getting better and better at their reading.  I like working with younger kids.  I really enjoy reading to them.  4th graders don't always get the opportunity to read to younger students.  It is helping me get better at reading aloud.

By, Teryn

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