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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

World Geography and this Month's Share

This week your 5 th grader has begun a study of Wold Geography!  The next two weeks will be focused on learning about physical geography-the land, water and climate of our amazing planet!  We will be learning about landforms that cover the Earth as well as thinking about how the land affects the culture and economics of the region, continent and world!  We have brand new National Geographic Atlases to use, google earth to explore and beautiful books about our 7 major continents!  We will also be studying for weekly quizzes that involve us memorizing continents, bodies of water, mountain ranges, countries, major cities and capitals!  This month your child is also researching a country of their choice and creating a small four door project to share with the class!  Some students are feeling motivated to do more than one!   After vacation we will be focusing more closely on cultural geography in preparation for a week long residency with Jeh Kulu African Drumming and  Dance and for the PTO International Potluck!

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