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Friday, December 11, 2015

Week in Review 12/11

We have had an exhilarating week of learning!  We are so proud of all that we accomplished!  We are thankful for our learning and hopeful and excited  about our learning for next week!  Wondering where all these positive feeling words came from?  Welł, for the past few weeks we have been working with Rachel and Peter to learn strategies to use when we have positive and negative feelings.  We've also spent time talking about the "Unthinkables" like Brain Eater and  Worry Wall.  Here are a few pictures of us acting out our Brain Eater moments.  We acted the scene out with an "unexpected reaction", which means you have a reaction to a friend or parent, or coach that is not very nice, and an "expected reaction", which is when you use a strategy to calm or focus.    Ask your child about it!

We've been traveling the globe through, reading, writing and sharing!  We have visited Antarctica, South America, North America, Astralia, and Oceania.  The top pictures show us on truflix traveling by reading and taking notes with partners and alone.  The second set of pictures shows some of people's beautiful shares.  They also did a great job making mouth watering food.  Kate with Denmark, Ian with Syria, Nora did Mongolia, Chloe with Tonga, and Faith with Germany.  Great job to the others too, that shared even though we do not have pictures of them.  Great job to everyone for making it an exhilarating week!

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