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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mystery Skyping with a class from Topsfield, Massachusets!

Here in this first set of pictures, you can see both classes at work!  We were making the call, answering and asking questions and becoming friends!
In this set of pictures, the mappers are taking out puzzle pieces and marking states with cubes!  These two strategies help us figure out which states they are not in, based on their answers to our questions!  We are noticing that the mappers are more efficient than the emappers because they don't have to drag, click and pin, they just take out the puzzle piece or cube it!
In this set of pictures, the emappers are marking the Mississippi River, Canada, and Mexico so we have landmarks to use when we pin the states that don't fit the clues we have uncovered from asking thoughtful questions about geography!  It is very hard work and sometimes we get pulled off track!  
Here the back talkers are chatting with the other class!  Back talkers have to be careful to not give clues about where we are!  Every time we use this the other class always gives us hints!  They don't mean to, but they do!
The Question Keepers have recently been using the computer to keep track of the questions asked by us or asked to us.  But on this day they kept a paper record and it worked out better.  They ended up working more closely with the runner and the logical reasoners!  It seems that sometimes we work more accurately and precisely without computers....hmmmmmm....except for the actual Skype connection and the back talkers.
Lastly, here you see the logical reasoners and runner having a meeting at the meeting place!  Together they decided the next question to be asked and transported it to the inquirers!  
Once again we have had a successful skype!  We figured it out with 6 questions!  The other teacher showered us with compliments!  We ended the call talking about the 14th Goldfish!  

Written by Photographer Kate and Vasanthi

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