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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Families,
Thank you so much for sharing your children with me everyday!  Together we have so much to be thankful for and we strive to be a community that supports one another to do our best!  Your children brighten my days, surprise me with their ability to learn new material, retain it and apply it in the classroom.  Your children care for one another and choose to be kind day in and day out!  

Thank you all for supporting the Endeavor Team's Craft Fair preparations.  It was wonderful to host so many of you last Friday for our work party!  We made so many beautiful rock pendants and the art work for our stationary sets is just beautiful!  We could not have accomplished all this without your generous donations of materials and most of all your timesand energy!  We can't wait for all your pies and thanks in advance to those who will be working the table on December 6! 

The Global Read Aloud wrapped up this week!  We loved the book The 14 th Goldfish!  I don't think the characters will leave our minds as we continue to read other books we will make connections to our old friends Melvin and Ellie!  On Monday we were part of large conversation with Jenni Holm the author!  The most important lesson she shared with us was that an author's work is never done, you are constantly revising and editing to make it better.  This lesson inspired us to work through our realistic fiction pieces, editing and revising them a long the way!  We even shared theseieces with other 4th graders on Friday!
We had an other mystery skype this week! This time we all had a map of North America.  We listed to the ten clues from the mystery classroom, within 7 clues we knew the class was in Ontario, Canada!  Our global connections are expanding and our knowledge of the North American Continent is growing, too!
We wrapped up our Geology Unit this week! We ran two experiments about erosion!  Ask your child about them!  We will be jumping into a unit about electricity with an engineering performance task!

We also wrapped up Unit 2 in Math!  All mathematicians came out meeting or approaching all the standards that were covered in the unit on Multiplication and Division!  Now we are on to fractions and decimals!  Please continue to work on Fact Fluency!  Your hard work is paying off as most of us continue to improve our scores!

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