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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Vermont Energy Education Programs

Laura from VEEP spent the day with us on Thursday!  In our VEEP workshop we reviewed what we knew about energy and how we can use steam, water, wind and sunlight to produce energy!  We witnessed the power of steam as it produced 10 volts of electricity!  We saw how height has an impact on the amounts of volts produced in a hydropower set up!  We spent time sorting energy sources and talking about the similarities and differences, but also about the cost, efficiency, environmental impact, and sustainability of these sources.  Finally, we got to experiment and play!  We used mini solar panels and mini wind turbines to produce energy.  We tested variables that could increase or decrease the amount of energy produced.  With the solar panels we mostly experimented with distance between the light and the panel.  With the mini turbines we tested blade angles, number of blades, and wind speed.  Hopefully, through these experiments and through the discussions your children are thinking about energy, how it is produced, how to lower our consumption and what sources they should be supporting so that our environment can stay healthy! 

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