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Monday, February 20, 2017

Differences Awareness Day 1-Visual Impairments and Blindness!

We began our day reading and writing about blindness and visual impairments.  We wrote about our assumptions, wonderings/questions and the ways in which we could help!  
We participated in a puppet show/workshop with Puppets in Education today!  Paul and Karen taught us so much and answered so many of our questions.  Once again we were responsible and respectful during the show as participants.  We were most excited by the learning that took place during the show and by meeting Paul.  Paul has been blind since birth and bravely told us all about his strengths and weaknesses!  We left the workshop feeling more empathetic towards one another!  We all have differences yet we all want to belong, have friends and feel success!  Keep the conversation going at home, please!  Tomorrow we will continue with our Differences Awareness Panel of Speakers and Simulations!

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