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Friday, March 18, 2016

Week in Review

       This week has been very exciting. In math we began to learn about standard algorithm within multiplication problems. We have been looking at partial products and invented algorithms to help understand how to properly solve these equations using multiple pathways. In science we have been working on conducting an experiment to prove why the sun is the brightest star in our sky. Today students will present their projects and prove their thinking! We also tested the water conductivity from McCabe's Brook yesterday, and the levels went down by almost 100 microsiemens. We believe this was because of the weather. Since there has been less snow, there has been less road salt used. There was also a lot of rain the night before we measured which could impact the measurements.

       We have been looking at our shadow length the past few days, and we realized that the lower the sun is, the longer the shadow will be. Yesterday our shadows were long because the sun was low around 11:30am. The leprechauns came and delivered golden nuggets to students who were demonstrating their best thinking :)! We had some wonderful Saint Patrick's day outfits and a fun and festive day!  We have had some wonderful parent teacher conferences and I have had the opportunity to get to know some parents.

Libby and Vasanthi

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