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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We started the Global Read Aloud

Yestersay on the 6 of October we read The 14th Goldfish for the global read aloud.  We read chapters 1 and 2  And we are gonna read 2 more chapter today! Now we are gonna tell you a little bit about that. First we will tell you about the main character! First her name is Ellie. Second she likes puzzles and third she likes putting things together and that's all we know about Ellie so these are some other characters. Ellie's mom is a drama teacher and is divorced from Ellie's dad. Ellie's dad is an actor and lives in a different house.
By Jameela and Kate

One week later....
We have zoomed ahead in The 14th Goldfish.  We are on chapter 10!  We have learned a lot about our main characters Ellie and Melvin!  We've learned about the fountain of youth, jellyfish that reverse aging, drama/acting, scientists and more!  There are so many layers to this book!  To connect with other classes reading this book, we've read blog posts on their kid blogs and today we chatted with a class in Arlington, Illinois and heard what they thought of the story so far!  

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